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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  December 25, 2013 9:55am-10:01am EST

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but i have people don't know that's dyer. it's indicative of a total lack of awareness in the shoulder shrugging attitude. who cares dishonestly can hang out with my friend and my smartphone is charged. it's a bit cynical, but i think you know what i mean. anyway, on a happy note. [applause] >> so we have to present to brad gregory -- [inaudible] author of "the unintended reformation." [inaudible] we also have to remember a show
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in. >> thanks so much. [applause] >> so we would like to invite you all to a reception following this. we have copies of the book on sale for $25, which is cheaper than you can get it on amazon even. we will set professor gregory available to sign copies. >> romain additional $5. >> thank you for coming. please join us for a reception. [inaudible conversations]
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>> were talking like ida jones at the national press club. tell us about your book "mary mcleod bethune in washington, d.c.." >> should a chair from 1943 to 19 were denied invincibly came in 1930s to work with the fdr administration. she served as director of the national youth administration and was taken by director of the actual organization itself. by the conservative is in the house and senate, by 1943 the cost of sending. @she was able to be, nor become an organization of her life. >> so what we learn about her this but do we probably didn't know before? >> will match is not only a local figure in washington d.c. she is a global figure. because of jim crow in washington d.c. be in the city was, she purchased the property of national entertaining the
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entire world. there are pictures in here at the syrian ambassador as well as indian women visiting from various around the world. british president truman came to visit. i'm all marginalized people of color around the world. so you learn that here. >> so it sounds that the book is partially about d.c. at that time. >> particular snapshot of washington d.c. one particular incident in here i know a lot of local washingtonians have a problem. mrs. but soon was raised presbyterian that becomes a methodist in the 1920s and comes to washington d.c. the hospital is owned by the methodist church and they did not allow access to the hospital. in 1945 the black woman gives birth on the streets in front of
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the hospital because she was denied admission. a variety of other -- [inaudible] although the situation did not end favorably, it was 1950 when they had their first and mrs. but soon made clear to end segregation and in 1946 wagner single that was going to be about affordable health care. so she supported that. >> how did you go about getting a publisher for the book? >> i had to turn over to my colleague, john moeller. we belong to a conference in washington d.c. its professional historians that come together and talk about local history. a number of us in the history price and charleston, south carolina early to accept those
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and encourages us to tell those stories to really bring out with the society is about. >> do you have your either next project yet? >> i do. this is the pastor and congregation. william jernigan is a prominent minister here in washington d.c. for 46 years. he liked this is bethune was a figure. he sought to bring the idea and he's an amazing figure that is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. hopefully the past will gladly have the concept that is fair. >> thank you are a match for your time. >> thank you match. ..


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